Hi there. You are viewing my old portfolio. While the site should function without problem, I am no longer updating this part (for example, I no longer create Flash interactive or code ActionScript). Please see my new portfolio at daigofujiwara.com

Go-RedSox.com, a Red Sox blog

Besides designing web pages and creating web interactives, I have been blogging/writing about my “other” passion, Boston Red Sox, since 2003. In Japanese language. Go-RedSox.com, a Japanese language blog about Boston Red Sox is one of the oldest Japanese language blog about Red Sox, and still draws a lot of unique users from Japan. Remember, back them it was Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui fever in Japan, and Red Sox were the “bad guys.” After Japanese “National Treasure,” Daisuke Matsuzaka signed with the Red Sox, the website went into partnership with Boston.com.

Website is a Word Press based blog and its theme was designed by myself.