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Blog: Less is more? Yes!

June 3, 2012 at 10:03 pm | Blog | No comment


I’ve volunteered my web skills for a Boston-based non-profit group called Tewassa, which is a long-term volunteer project devoted to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief through “handmade arts and crafts.” (The website is currently under development and nothing to see there at the moment. We are hoping to launch the site very soon…)

Since it is a volunteering project and I wanted to use it as a learning experience, I have started to create a WordPress theme that is using responsive web design/”Mobile First” philosophy and built using html5/css3. I came across an awesome starter theme by Eddie Machado, called Bones. It is an excellent, EXCELLENT theme and distributed using the WTFPL License (Seriously!) My theme under development is available to see on my github repo.

One of the best thing that I learned from using Bones stater theme is that the theme has an option to use Less Stylesheet Language (actually it was one of the top reason that I cheese Bones as my starting point). It is amazing. When I started working for Skqueak.com, I had an opportunity to use Sass, (as it is a Ruby on Rails and HAML site) but I was too chicken to try it out (especially on the paid gig.) But now I wish that I had! Now that I have experience with a stylesheet language, I may convert to Sass plus Compass soon or later.

Less, is not Sass, asexplained by this smashing mag.’s article by Jeremy Hixon but they, in my opinion with limited usage so far, are both great. And Developer Drive (which have become one of my favorite blog of late) has a great series by Alex Ball on how to learn Less. I am using CodeKit (with WordPress running locally on MAMP) to flatten the files, as I believe that compiling the less on client side is sort of counter productive, as far as having bunch of files downloaded.

Anyway, css is fun with less!

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