Daigo Fujiwara: UX designer and front-end developer

As of fall 2012, this portfolio site is no longer being upadated. I am in the process of combining all my project portfolio into one page on my blog. Thank you.

Welcome to my portfolio. See my latest work here.

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    Interactive graphic: NFL Preview 2012

    NFL Preview section 2012 - BostonGlobe.com


    An interactive graphic showing every tightend who ranked top 100 in NFL history and “Patriots play predictor.”

    Interactive graphic: Olympic Judo medals

    Olympic Judo medals by country and Judo Lesson - BostonGlobe.com


    Local athlete Kyla Harrison made a history by winning first American gold medal in the sports of Judo in London Olympic 2012.

    Interactive: After the storm

    After the storm - BostonGlobe.com


    Google map data visualization of the 2011 Springfield tornado tragedy.

    UX Design: Skqueak.com

    Skqueak.com launch


    Working as a contract front-end developer and UI/UX designer of Skqueak.com launch for pelfunc inc., a start-up based in San Diego, CA, since June 2011

    Interactive: Green Monster

    Anatomy of the Green Monster - BostonGlobe.com


    Green monster graphic for Fenway 100th anniversary book. Also web companion interactive.

    Interactive: Red Sox Managers

    History of Boston Red Sox Managers - BostonGlobe.com


    This interactive of Red Sox Manager won an Award of Excellence from SND 2011.

    Interactive: Senate race

    Funding the Massachusetts race for Senate - BostonGlobe.com


    Map for funding for Brown/Warren senate race of 2012.

    Interactive and UX design: Boston Marathon Course Map

    Boston Marathon Interactive Course Map - Boston.com


    Design, content and UX design of this popular feature for Marathon Day in Boston.com.

    Interactive: Six degrees of Bobby V

    Six degrees of Bobby V


    Full page infographic in the 2012 MLB Preveiw section.

    Content and Podcast: Boston Globe Red Sox podcast

    Boston Globe Red Sox podcas


    Producer and host of Red Sox podcast at the Boston Globe.

    Design and Content: JapaneseBallPlayers.com



    Personal site about MLB players from Japan.

    Interactive: Rich and poor

    Two localities are worlds apart - BostonGlobe.com


    Data rich Mass. map with town-by-town median income.

    Interactive: Spelling bees

    Spelling makes a comeback in schools - BostonGlobe.com


    Web interactive which used html5 audio tag and some javascript to play mp3 audio.

    UX Design: BostonWorks.com (July 2006)

    BostonWorks.com (July 2006)


    Lead User Interface(UI)/User Experience(UX) designer for redesign of BostonWorks.com