Daigo Fujiwara: UX designer and front-end developer

As of fall 2012, this portfolio site is no longer being upadated. I am in the process of combining all my project portfolio into one page on my blog. Thank you.

Here is my portfolio, see my latest work.


NFL Preview section 2012 - BostonGlobe.com


I’ve created two interactive graphics for before 2012 NFL season opener “Preview” section for the Bodton Globe. Theme of the preview section was how the tight end was evolving into different role in the sports of football. I created a graphic showing every tightend who ranked top 100 in NFL history, since 1960 (when position “tight end” first established). The project uses highcharts plugin for jquery.

Also created “Patriots play predictor” where you can select a down, distance and field position to see what plays the Patriots used the most in that situation in the 2011 regular season.

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